Teeth Whitening Treatment in Whitby Ontario

Even with the best of oral habits, daily brushing and flossing at least twice per day, your teeth will likely yellow somewhat over the years. Sugary foods and particularly drinks like coffee and wine will contribute to this change in colour. What’s more, if you are a habitual smoker, your teeth will certainly lose some of their natural white shade. A certain amount of discoloration is to be expected over the years, but if it gets too visible you might find yourself shy to smile, or even feel like it holds you back in professional situations. Your smile, after all, is one of your best tools in life.


You may also be aware that whitening your teeth with store-bought teeth whitening kits can be unsatisfying and even dangerous. You’ll find that even with the best of kits from a pharmacy you will only get your teeth to look one or two shades lighter. This is most likely because these products do not contain much fluoride and other ingredients available from your dentist.


Dr. Daniel Pesin at Gallery Dental in Whitby has a much better option available - professional whitening services. Using teeth whitening gel only available to qualified professionals, we can help you whiten your teeth by about 8 shades - a marked difference you are sure to notice. With this fluoride gel, we can lift stains even out the colour of teeth so that your smile will shine.


We also have a take-home option available, with easy to follow instructions and an effective gel that will also give you great results. The kit includes the gel as well as special trays to help you make it easy and painless We’ll make sure to give you all the instructions you need to better your smile at home.


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Teeth Whitening Treatment in Whitby OntarioTeeth Whitening Treatment in Whitby

Last Updated On 2021-10-16