Athletic Mouthwear in Whitby Ontario

Add some extra protection to your sports gear with Under Armour performance mouthwear. Under Armour performance mouthwear is perfect for athletes and sports enthusiast who run the risk of injury. Under Armour mouthguards are custom made and have patented bite technology that protects your teeth and alleviates pressure on the jaw. By keeping the jaw joint and muscles relaxed you can prevent teeth from clenching or closing with great force, eliminating the risk of tooth damage.  Poor or no protection for your teeth can undermine your overall performance. Under Armour mouthguards will protect your mouth and teeth while helping you perform to the best of your abilities.


We proudly offer mouthwear that is custom-made according to your specific needs. It provides better comfort and protection than store-bought guards and can last for a long time if properly cared for.


Under Armour performance mouthwear is used by professional athletes and is recommended by sports medicine professionals. Regardless of your sport, your teeth will benefit from it. Whether you like participating in contact sports such as rugby, hockey, or football, or intense sports such as mountain biking or weight lifting, you will be ensuring that your mouth is fully protected when performing your hardest.


At Gallery Dental we only use the highest quality materials for your mouthwear, so they should last for a long time with proper care. Sportswear is essential in high-intensity and contact sports like football, hockey, or rugby but it can be beneficial and even wise in many other sports which might be done outdoors, on slippery surfaces or in winter. You’ll certainly want to have one if you are boxing or wrestling!


To learn more about our athletic mouthwear contact Gallery Dental to set up a consultation with Dr. Daniel Pesin. Our team will work to create the perfect mouth appliance for you.

Last Updated On 2021-10-16