Gallery Dental Centre Smile Gallery

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  • Another successful Invisalign case completed by Dr. Pesin!  
  • New! Snap-on Smile, before and after. Improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile without the expense of crowns or veneers.  
  • 1 crown and a five unit bridge.  
  • Implant-supported bridge. No more dentures with metal clasps! 
  • Implant to replace a congenitally missing tooth. This young patient had to wear a removable retainer to replace his missing tooth for many years.  
  • Sorry about the rotation! This young man had a car accident and as the result had lost his front tooth. He had an implant with immediate temporary crown placed.  
  • Invisalign. No 'train tracks' for this adult patient! 
  • The lower jaw from the first case. 7 implants and 6 crowns.  
  • This patient received 4 front crowns during cancer treatment. Now he is completely cancer free and has his smile back! 
  • 11 crowns and an implant in the upper jaw. Keep checking for the lower jaw.  
  • 'Snap On' smile - a removable prosthesis to replace missing teeth and improve the look of existing teeth!  
  • Before and after of a teenager, who is now one confident young man.  
  • 4 root canals, fillings, 2 bridges and crowns in the top and an implant on the bottom - all done in one appointment.  
  • Implant to replace a missing tooth in the esthetic area.  
  • 3 veneers to match an existing bridge. 
  • bridges, crowns, and veneers 
  • 4 front crowns. Now this patient is smiling with confidence.  
  • Placement of implants to replace missing teeth and 20 crowns. Scroll to the bottom crowns and 6 implants.