Root Canal Therapy in Whitby, Ontario

A root canal therapy is usually needed when the roots of a tooth have decayed too far for any other measure. This is a great alternative to an outright tooth extraction. Root canal therapy can get rid of tooth pain while allowing the dying tooth to to be salvaged.


Inside every tooth there is a core of soft tissue and nerves called dental pulp. Dental pulp supplies the tooth with mineral, important nerves and blood vessels to keep it healthy during its growth. After the tooth has grown completely, it can remain healthy without the dental pulp. If the pulp decays, it could lead to the tooth dying altogether, and it would need to be extracted. Before the tooth dies, we can extract the pulp, even out the surface of the tooth and thoroughly clean the inside. The fillings material, also known as gutta-percha, is used to refill the chamber and the tooth is resealed with a dental crown or cap.


Any tooth which has sustained a crack, fracture, or heavy damage is at risk of infection, as well as those that are not properly cared for. In cases like these, root canal therapy is the best solution for saving a tooth.


Root canal therapy can help to relieve the tooth pain that root decay causes, as well as prevent the infection from spreading. Root canal therapy will strengthen your teeth and give you back your ability to chew comfortably. This particular option also protects against further decay or damage.


While a root canal therapy might take up a few appointments, it is usually thought of as a difficult and painful procedure - this is simply just not true. A root canal treatment will eliminate the pain of a decayed tooth and restore it to great health. Contact us at Gallery Dental in Whitby, Ontario, today!

Root Canal Therapy in Whitby Ontario

Last Updated On 2021-10-16