Sedation Dentistry in Whitby Ontario

If you are putting off your visit to the dentists because of anxiety or fear of pain, we can certainly help! The majority of patients have some measure of anxiety and reluctance to visit, but there’s no need to worry. At Gallery Dental, we can make sure your visit is comfortable and painless. There are several different options:


General anesthesia


General anesthesia, is great for those who are anxious or who need multiple procedures during the same appointment. It will put the patient to sleep and once sedated, all pain and discomfort are eliminated so the dentist can safely perform your procedure.


Oral Conscious Sedation


Sedation can also be used to induce a semi-conscious state during their procedure. We will give you an oral sedative, usually in liquid form, before your procedure. This will put you in completely relaxed and comfortable state, but not sleep. Oral conscious sedation is great for patients with a low threshold for pain or feel a lot of anxiety. Nitrous oxide, laughing gas, may be given to increase the sedative effects.


Nitrous oxide


Commonly known as laughing gas, Nitrous Oxide is extremely effective at reducing pain and discomfort. Administered via oxygen mask, it will quickly put you in a state of relaxation.


IV conscious sedation


As the name indicates, IV conscious sedation will allow the patient to feel the sedative effects quite quickly, which will induce a conscious or unconscious state. IV conscious sedation is is useful for patients who need multiple procedures in a single visit. IV conscious sedation will not make the patient go to sleep, but rather induce a state where they can still respond to questions or directions.


To learn more about our sedation dentistry, contact Dr. Daniel Pesin at Gallery Dental in Whitby, Ontario. Remember to have someone trusted with you on the day of your procedure to drive you home.